Need to use lab space for your project? It is possible your classroom may qualify, please go over the checklist with your teacher.

The Central Utah STEM Fair SRC has determined the following are the minimum requirements for a classroom to qualify as a BSL1 lab:

• Access to an open bench or counter
• Standard microbiological practices are used – meaning that food is not stored in the same room as the experiment, there is a sink available for hand washing, and that there is a qualified supervisor available (the classroom teacher may be the qualified supervisor, if they are present in the lab through the experiment).
• Chemical disinfectant is available (most commonly bleach)
• Gloves are available and used.
• There is a door to control access to the area/room.
• Once swabbed and sealed, petri dishes MUST remain closed (taped shut) and at completion of the experiment disposed of in an autoclave, or tied off in a bag and thrown away in an outside dumpster.

Please note: bacteria or mold grown outside of a BSL-1 lab or higher, is an immediate disqualification.

If you have any questions, or if your classroom space does not qualify, please contact us,