The below templates are a GUIDE for you, they do NOT have to be followed exactly, however the information listed on each page should be included in some way within that section. Judges will be able to zoom in on your page to make text larger if you need to make words smaller to fit all of your information. However, PLEASE DO NOT fill the whole page with words. The slides are simply a format that is easier for the judges to view in place of a physical board. We adopted slides this year in place of a board or digital presentation from the International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF). We realize slides are different — there are still ways to be creative while still supplying the needed information for your judges.

Please use a LIGHT background with DARK text for your slides.


If you completed a SCIENCE Project, using the Scientific Method with a HYPOTHESIS, use THIS SCIENCE PROJECT template for your Project Slides.


If you completed an ENGINEERING Project, creating prototypes and solving a defined PROBLEM, use THIS ENGINEERING PROJECT template for your Project Slides.


If you completed an COMPUTER or MATH Project, creating code or proving a mathematical equation, etc, use THIS COMPUTER PROJECT template for your Project Slides.

You will be judged according to the rubric found HERE.