Welcome Finalists!

We are excited to see you! To make project setup easy for all of us we have a self check-in system. This means you will do the following the night of your scheduled setup:

1 – Show up with your project board and journal (if you have one), at the BYU Conference Center, Provo, UT 84602. Optional: any video you may be showing** (see note below).

2 – Go directly to your table to setup – You will need #1 – Your project number AND #2 – A map (see below)

3 – Setup your board, read the information sheet found at your table, and WAIT for a CUSF Official to sign you off

4 – Have your project approved by a CUSF Official

5 – Go to the checkout booth to receive your swag bag and 2019 CUSF Tshirt (one per student and not replaceable; the tshirt size you will receive was submitted at registration)

6 – Head on home, we will see you the following morning for judging interviews!

**If you intend to show a video during your judging interview, as mentioned in the online registration, that is less than 1 minute, it must be approved at this time, please bring your device to play it on.

Any questions, visit our FAQs

Elementary Day 1 – Setup – March 25, 4-7pm Alpine, Charter, Provo Districts (5-6th grade)

Project Number List Day 1 – listed by LAST name

Map Elementary Day 1

Elementary Day 2 – Setup – March 26, 4-7pm Jordan, Nebo, Wasatch, Private & Home School (5-6th grade)

Project Number List Day 2– listed by LAST name

Map Elementary Day 2

Secondary Day – Junior & Senior Division – Setup – March 27, 4-7pm ALL 7-12 Grade Students

Project Number List Junior Division 7-8 Grade – listed by LAST name

Project Number List Senior Division 9-12 Grade – listed by LAST name

Map Junior & Senior Division — Secondary Day