Not sure where to start?

Below are some resources to help walk you through a great project!

Getting Started

Elements of a Successful Project
Projects to Avoid (Extremely Common Projects)
Picking a Project that YOU’LL ENJOY!
Choosing the BEST Project for ME
Keeping a Lab Notebook

Don’t forget the forms! You’ll need to make sure you have proper approval BEFORE beginning your experiment.


Background Research
Research Plan


Creating a Strong Hypothesis


Experimental Design

Analysis and Conclusions

How to Use Statistics in your Project

Putting it all together

Writing an Abstract
Display Board Tips
Display Rules – What You Can and CANNOT Display
Preparing for Judging

Other Tidbits

Automatic Disqualifications
A Teacher’s Guide: Demonstration, Experiment, Science and Engineering; What’s the Difference?
Expectations for 9-12 Grade ISEF (International Science & Engineering Fair) Candidates